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We aim to the best of our ability to be sustainable in all of our packaging. Most are recyclable however, there are some special cases where some items might need niche special order packages to store it. Cases like this will be warned in your quotation if we cannot be 100% sustainable unless extra costs are added which can be done at your discretion.

(All items on this menu are individually packed in either paper bags or boxes)

Meal Packs

Fat-free yoghurt with housemade granola, with a fruit salad and orange juice.    $12

Egg and bacon muffin, mini yoghurt cup, fruits and orange juice.    $15

Freshly filled sandwiches, a fresh salad, fruits and a bottle of spring water.    $16.5

A muffin with a fruit salad.    $9.5

An individual cake and a mini fresh fruit tub.    $13.5

Freshly filled sandwiches/rolls, fresh fruit salad and a bottle of spring water.    $19.5

Fresh salad served with a fruit salad and a bottle of spring water.    $20.5

Pasta with a colourful fruit salad and a bottle of spring water.    $22.5

Mini danish, mini muffin, mini quiche, mini spinach logs and a fruit salad.    $15

Individual Items

Muffin    $5.5

Danish    $5.5

Slices    $6.5

Individual Cakes    $8.5

Fruit Salad    $7.5

Yoghurt Cup    $7.5

Freshly Filled Sandwich    $8.9

Freshly Filled Mini-Rolls    $7

Coffee Options

Brewing Station    $3.5pp (Comes with tea, coffee, condiments, hand sanitiser and signage)


Gourmet sandwiches            $10.9 Made with a selection of sourdough bread and a variety of gourmet filling

  1. Chicken Breast, Basil Pesto lettuce, cheese & fresh tomato.
  2. Double smoked ham, tasty Cheese, tomato, lettuce & Sweet Mustard Pickle.
  3. Tuna, avocado, rocket, lemon, dill, and mayonnaise
  4. Fresh Egg, Lettuce and Mayonnaise
  5. Roasted Beef, wholegrain mustard, tomato, cheese and lettuce.
  6. Tasty cheese, Lettuce, tomato, rocket, carrot with Tomato relish
  7. Roasted Turkey, Avocado, cheese, lettuce and tomato.
  8. Bresaola , marinated eggplant, pecorino ,rocket
  9. Smoked salmon, lemon, baby capers, rocket, dill cream cheese
  10. Prosciutto, Fior di latte, cherry tomato, rocket
  11. Seasoned chicken, baby cos, avocado Gremolata
  12. Antipasto, pesto, pecorino (eggplant,semi dried tomato,pumpkin , zucchini , artichokes heart, peppers)
  13. Double smoked ham, tomato, Dijon mayo, Maasdam Swiss cheese

Standard Mixed Sandwiches              $7.9 A wide variety of filling served on normal square loaf bread, in multigrain, whole meal and white. With a choice of point or ribbon, suitable for functions where it’s preferred to handle small portions. Panini /Turkish pide rolls/roti wrap                    $11.9 Wide variety of mixed filling, served warm Baby baguette/brioche                                           $7.5 Filled with gourmet ingredients Baby roll /brioche                                                     $7.5 Filled with gourmet ingredients

Toasted sandwiches and croissant served in halves. Choose from the classic ham, tomato and cheese to egg and bacon combinations.$5.5
Egg and bacon English muffin$5.5
Fruit salad individual serve$4.5
Yoghurt, berry compote and roasted muesli individual serve$5.5
Bircher muesli with orange blossom yoghurt, grated apple and berry compote individual serve$6.5
Plain Croissants$3.5

Antipasto platter        $8.9/p minimum 6 A mixed platter of roasted marinated eggplants, mushrooms, peppers, with olives, baked ricotta and frittatas. Cheese platter       $8.9 /p minimum 6 A mix of the highest quality cheeses; dried fruit, and nuts; Served with relishes, seasoned pita crisps and crackers. Fresh Fruit Platters        $5.5 /p minimum 6 A mixture of seasonal fruits; Ideal for a refreshing snack in the mid-morning or afternoon, or as a lunchtime desert. Cheese and fruit platter        $8.2 /p minimum 6 A mixture of seasonal fruits and highest quality cheeses; dried fruit, and nuts; Served with relishes, seasoned pita crisps and crackers. Continental deli platter        $8.9/p minimum 6 A selection of highest quality of cold meat such as sopressa salami, prosciuto , double smoked ham, and bresaola served with olives, wild cucumber , turnip and Turkish bread. Dip platters        $7.5/p minimum 6 A generous platter of mixed dips (hummus, labne with dukkah, avocado, pumpkin / eggplant and olive tapenade) vegetable sticks, crackers and corn chips. Perfect for ‘nibbles’ or as a starter.

Assorted cakes from $8.5/piece House made cakes from $8.5/piece Danishes $5.5/piece Freshly baked scones served with raspberry jam and whipped cream($3/piece minimum 12) Daily baked muffins $5.5/piece Market fresh seasonal fruit placed on a platter ($6.5 /p minimum 6)

  • Chicken Salad
  • Assorted bread rolls
  • Pumpkin Salad
  • Beetroot Salad
  • Greek Salad – cos, olives, fetta, tomato, cucumber

Small Platter        $20.00 Larger Platter       $40.00